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Every fourth pharmacy has its focus on homeopathy

Homeopathic medicines are enjoying an ever increasing demand. This conclusion is drawn by around 90 percent of the 200 pharmacists surveyed from public pharmacies in a representative survey conducted by the Society for Consumer Goods Research (GFK), which was carried out on behalf of the Federal Association of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers (BAH). For Dr. Barbara Steinhoff, head of the Herbal and Homeopathic Medicines Department at the BAH, is positive evidence of the high importance that homeopathy has for people in Germany.

Every fourth pharmacy already focuses on homeopathy. 94 percent of the pharmacies surveyed with this focus have stated that their customers ask for homeopathic medicines several times a day and that 96 percent of these customers have an increased need for advice on the possible uses. But also at the other pharmacies, around 70 percent, customers ask for homeopathic preparations every day.

The GFK survey also showed that opinions about efficacy differed both among customers and pharmacists. Scientific studies do exist, but they cannot provide any concrete findings in the sense of evidence-based medicine. For a majority of German pharmacists (77 percent), this fact is not decisive. They rely on their own experience.

Too little homeopathy in the course of study The survey of pharmacists also revealed an important clue. 81 percent of them are of the opinion that the subject of “homeopathy” was not sufficiently addressed in their studies. This is also why 75 percent are interested in advanced training in homeopathy, with 84 percent of those questioned having already attended corresponding events. Overall, competent advice to customers is very important to pharmacists in order to bring homeopathy as close as possible to them. (fr)

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