Do not start dieting in difficult phases of life

A diet should not be started in the difficult phase of life

The Federal Association of German Nutritional Physicians and the Association of Dieticians in Essen do not recommend a diet if those affected are in a difficult emotional or physical life situation. For slimming down, motivation and an iron will are basic requirements for success. Otherwise, there is a risk of failure, according to the experts.

A difficult phase in life is not a particularly good time to start a diet. Psychological stress in family or work is not conducive to losing body fat, as the nutrition experts emphasize. Due to external influences, it can quickly happen that the “good intentions fail”. It is advantageous to get active help from family members and friends. They should be aware of the longer-term diet plan to help the overweight person lose weight.

Log eating habits
Logging can help to keep an overview. It can be used to record what has been eaten throughout the day. In this way, dieters can recognize for themselves which dietary habits they have and which ones they should permanently switch off in order to lose excess “hip fat”.

Instead of relying on so-called “miracle diets from colorful magazines”, those affected should prefer to set smaller goals in order to slowly reach their desired weight. Instead of high-sugar and fatty foods or drinks, they should be replaced by healthy foods, the experts say.

Active exercise units support losing weight
To support the diet, active exercise is an advantage. The nutrition specialists recommend endurance training, which is carried out continuously. Swimming, Nordic walking or running can help you lose weight at least three times a week. In order to keep the muscles going, strength training can also be carried out, for example with an elastic therapy band. Here the dietitians advise you to go through the program about five times a week. Even minor changes in habits can help in everyday life. Instead of using the elevator, you should take the stairs to the ascent more often. Because as an old saying goes: "Every gear makes you slim". (sb)

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