Heart attack and cancer are the leading causes of death

Cardiovascular diseases and cancer are the most common causes of death in Germany

According to calculations by the Federal Statistical Office in Wiesbaden, cardiovascular disease remains the leading cause of death in Germany. The second most common cause of death from cancer. The statisticians recorded a slight decrease in heart disease.

Most common cause of death Heart attack and coronary heart disease In Germany, most people still die from cardiovascular disease. In the last year 2010, a total of 858,768 people died, including 409,022 men and 449,746 women. According to the Federal Statistical Office, the number of deaths rose slightly by 0.5 percent compared to the same period in the previous year (2010 to 2009 comparison). As in previous years, 41.1 percent of the causes of death were caused by cardiovascular disease. A total of 352,689 people died as a result of circulatory and / or cardiac disease. On average, most patients who had passed the age of 65 (92 percent) died from these diseases. In the first place was the affliction heart attack. Almost 60,000 people died of a myocardial infarction last year. As in previous years, 55.8 percent more men were affected than women (44.2 percent). Compared to 2009, around 4,000 fewer people died from heart or cancer in 2010, according to a spokeswoman for the agency. A Federal Office spokeswoman suspected the slight decline in population in Germany as the probable reason for this slight decline. The data cannot be used to show whether healthier lifestyles also played a role.

The second most common cause was cancer. In 2010, cancer was still the second most common cause of death in Germany. About a quarter of those who died died of cancer. A total of 218,889 people were affected, including 118,202 men and 100,687 women. In most deaths, men died of new cancer of the digestive organs (gastric carcinoma, kidney cancer). Cancer diseases on the respiratory organs (lung cancer) also ranked among the top men. The main cause of bronchial carcinoma is inhaled tobacco smoking. Women, on the other hand, died of cancer of the digestive organs and, as a single diagnosis, most often of breast cancer.

In 3.9 percent of the cases, those affected died of a non-natural cause of death. Poisoning or injury was identified as the cause in 33 312 of the deaths. In 30 percent of the non-natural consequences of death, people themselves put an end to their lives through suicide. While women are more often diagnosed with depression, in the majority of cases men (74 percent) committed suicide. The rate here was about three times higher than that of women.

Overall, 0.5 percent more people died last year than in 2009. The year before, the death rate had increased by 1.2 percent. One spokeswoman could not name why more and more people are dying. However, statistical changes are not unusual.

The cause attribution should be a warning especially for people with overweight, unhealthy lifestyle and smoking. Those who give up smoking early on in young or middle age, eat a healthy diet and integrate a lot of exercise into everyday life can significantly delay the time of death. Cardiovascular diseases are for the most part diseases of the industrialized countries and stem from unhealthy lifestyles. Older people over the age of 65 should take signs such as tiredness, reduced performance, poor arms and swelling of the legs seriously. Here a medical examination by a cardiologist or family doctor is promptly indicated. (sb)

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