EHEC: DRK calls for blood donation

EHEC: The German Red Cross calls for increased blood donations

The EHEC infection rate is increasing rapidly in Germany. In the Hamburg University Hospital Eppendorf alone, around 100 seriously ill patients with HUS syndrome are currently receiving intensive medical care. Given this scale, blood supply is becoming scarce. Therefore, the German Red Cross (DRK) calls on citizens to donate blood.

Due to the increasing EHEC and the haemolytic-uremic follow-up syndrome “HUS”, the DRK is calling for vital blood donations. Especially for patients suffering from the HUS syndrome, additional blood plasma is urgently needed, as the DRK blood donation service Baden-Württemberg-Hessen announced. Clinics are particularly dependent on additional allocations in the current situation, as supplies are slowly running out.

The cold stores must be filled by summer
Although the DRK's blood donation services are organized throughout Germany, they can still use the cold stores, but this would have to be replenished in the course of the upcoming Pentecost and summer holidays, as Professor Dr. Harald Klüter, head of the blood donation section Baden-Württemberg-Hessen explained. “The supply of blood components that are only to be stored for a short time, the red blood cells and platelets is particularly critical here,” says Klüter.

Who can donate?
In principle, any healthy citizen aged 18 to 70 can donate blood. Whoever donates for the first time should not be older than 64. All blood donors must have a minimum body weight of 50 kilos. The donation itself usually does not take longer than 15 minutes. Overall, you should set up for at least an hour. In addition to the donation, there is a medical examination, filling out a registration form and usually a small snack to strengthen. Men can donate blood six times and women up to four times a year. Exact information on blood donation and the possible dates in the region can be obtained from the free DRK hotline 0800-1194911 or on the website of the DRK blood donation service at (sb)

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