Moon wood: wood with special properties?

Advantages of using moon wood: superstition or scientific facts?

Moon wood is not only assumed to be particularly stable, but also to have a number of positive health effects. In a scientific comparative study, the managing director of the Board of Trustees for Forest Work and Forest Technology (KWF) in Groß-Umstadt near Darmstadt, Ute Seeling, got to the bottom of the phenomenon of moon wood.

The moon wood, also known as “whole wood”, is only cut in certain phases of the moon and then dried in a slow and natural process. The advocates hope that this will not only result in greater stability, durability, fire resistance, hardness and resistance to pests, but also positive effects on body and mind. In her comparative study, forestry scientist Ute Seeling has in particular analyzed the objectively verifiable criteria such as the quality of the moon wood. The expert was unable to establish any connection between the wood quality and the different phases of the moon at the time of felling, but the quality of the moon wood was particularly high for another reason.

Moonwood with positive effects on body and mind? The advantages of the moon wood are obvious, according to the wood engineer and sawmill manager from Birstein, Sigmund Schuster. Not only the quality is outstanding, but the wood has a particularly positive effect on body and mind, the convinced moon wood advocate told the Süddeutsche Zeitung. According to Schuster, moon wood can help with sleep disorders or an unfulfilled desire for children as well as bedwetting problems with children. A moon wood beam behind the head of the bed pushes the reinforced concrete ceiling back and it can "calm down in the head," said the wood engineer. For the sawmill manager, the time of chopping is a decisive factor. He is convinced that the wood must be ready when it is cut. This was the case in the last phase of the waning moon between late October and early January, when the tree exhaled to a certain extent and then went into a kind of sleep with greatly reduced biological activity. At this point, "the shock (...) was not that big," said Schuster. In his view, consumers should ask themselves more often what they would want from humans if they were a tree. What sounds a bit bizarre to outsiders is, according to the wood engineer, meant as a serious campaign to gain more understanding of the nature of the tree.

Special processing results in a higher wood quality. But with moon wood it is not only the time of felling that is decisive, but also the subsequent processing of the trees. After logging, the moonwood trunks have to rest on the ground for four weeks before they are processed - ideally with the tree top down. This takes time and money, since normally all work steps - from felling to cutting off the branches to cutting up the trunks - are carried out in direct succession. However, according to the forest scientist Ute Seeling, this is the real quality advantage of the moon wood. Because the water in the damp wood is guided through the skew into the crown, needles or leaves, which means that the trunk dries naturally, fewer cracks occur in the wood and the moon wood becomes relatively insensitive to air humidity. A high quality timber that is well worth its price. So the convinced customers are happy to pay almost twice as much for moon wood as for normal building timber.

Timing of impact irrelevant for the wood quality According to her own statements, the forest scientist, Ute Seeling, had carried out a comparative study "with great optimism", in which spruces were felled in different phases of the moon and the wood was subsequently examined. According to the scientist, however, there was no connection between the time of felling and the quality of the wood. "No investigation has shown an effect," said the expert. However, regardless of the time of felling, the quality of the moon wood is particularly high due to the subsequent processing. "The decisive factor is not the time of impact, but the processing," emphasized the forest scientist. Because the moon wood is actually of higher quality than technically dried industrial construction timber. According to the managing director of the KWF, more and more people have opted for moon wood in recent years when building or buying furniture, not only because of quality advantages, but "this trend has been spurred on by the eco-wave of recent years," explained Ute Seeling .

Mondholz offers quality advantages It was already clear before the current study by Ute Seeling that the usual practice of cost rationalization in forestry also involves a loss of quality. The advantages of a slow drying process have only been confirmed here. Contrary to the widespread assumption that moon wood is only a scientific, unsustainable spinning mill, the forest scientist with a doctorate has demonstrated that moon wood actually offers quality advantages that can justify a corresponding surcharge. Accordingly, due to the special processing, moon wood proves to be particularly dry, low-shrinkage and crack-free and less sensitive to rotting, insect attack or weather conditions. The statements about the positive properties on body and mind have not yet been scientifically proven and open-minded experts such as Ute Seeling were rather skeptical. But often the belief in a positive effect already produces actual effects, which - in addition to the increased quality - can then occur as a bonus when using the moon wood. (fp)

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