AOK with a deficit of 500 million euros

General local health insurance funds with a deficit of 500 million euros

The 12 general local health insurance funds (AOK) had a deficit of around half a billion euros last year. The Handelsblatt reports in its current editions, referring to internal health insurance groups. The health fund had received excessive compensation from the health fund.

AOK in the red
In 2010, the AOK Association's 12 health insurers had a deficit of EUR 500 million. According to internal health insurance groups, the negative result would have been corrections to the "disease-oriented financial equalization between the statutory health insurers" introduced in 2009. First, the till would have received significantly higher payments. The Federal Insurance Office had, however, corrected the financial adjustment significantly afterwards. Without this correction, the health insurance system could have shown a solid and almost balanced budget result.

The AOK is not alone affected. According to the newspaper report, the initially positive result of the German Employee Health Insurance Fund (DAK) with a surplus of 62 million euros had been transformed into a deficit result of around 79 million euros by the recalculation of the compensation. The Barmer GEK also had to drop a lot. Here, too, the result had to be reduced to a deficit of 298 million euros. The Techniker Krankenkasse (TK) remained the winner with a surplus result of a whopping 558 million euros. No other fund has had such a good final result.

AOK Bayern sentenced to reimbursement In the AOK, which has run into difficulties, around 17.5 million people in Germany are covered by health insurance. In 2009, health economists predicted a record total of 771 million euros. AOK Bayern alone had to reimburse the health fund for around 91 million euros due to the excess compensation received. An urgent proceeding of the cash register before the regional social court in Munich was rejected. The convergence funds must now be paid back in twelve monthly installments. While the DAK has had to levy additional contributions since spring 2010, people insured with AOK are spared this. (sb)

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