Being overweight endangers the economy

Overweight children endangers the German economy: Up to 15 percent of children already suffer from obesity.

According to the chief physician of the PĆ¼ttlingen Clinic for Naturopathy and Preventive Medicine, Prof. Dr. med. Michael Stimpel, the constantly growing problem of overweight children threatens the German economy. The increasing expenditure in the social security funds threaten Germany as a business location, according to the doctor.

According to an OECD study, around half of all people in the OECD member states suffer from obesity. In Germany, around 60 percent of men and 45 percent of women are affected, with 16 percent of people already suffering from obesity. Nationwide, there is also a significant increase, especially among children. Up to 15 percent of children in the member states are already obese. If the trend continues, two out of three citizens will be overweight in ten years.

Being overweight greatly increases the risk of developing diabetes and high blood pressure, the chief doctor warned. Such serious illnesses can inevitably lead to the disability of those affected. According to the doctor, politics should react urgently and educate citizens more sustainably. Because those affected are getting younger and younger. (sb, 10/24/2010)

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