Naturopathy for menstrual pain

Homeopathy from naturopathy for menstrual pain and menstrual cramps

Naturopathy offers numerous applications for menstrual pain. Whether as premenstrual syndrome before or during the menstrual period: during this time, a hormonal and nervous imbalance causes many women to experience unpleasant menstrual cramps that are both physically and mentally noticeable. Experience has shown that with the right homeopathic remedy, menstrual cramps such as mood swings and menstrual pains can be significantly alleviated or even completely cured. [GList slug = ”10 home remedies for menstrual pain”]

Mood swings and pain during menstruation For many women and girls, the symptoms start days before menstruation. Irritability, hypersensitivity and tearfulness - individually or in unpredictable changes - are often the first signs of the upcoming menstrual period, which do not always make it easy for the surrounding area to deal with those affected. Woman herself feels misunderstood, caring and unloved. Tense breasts, low back pain and abdominal pain can make your life as difficult as dizziness and a wide variety of headache variations, including a migraine attack. Cycle disorders with premature, delayed or missing menstruation as well as a very heavy or remarkably sparse bleeding often show up as an expression of a functional imbalance. As quickly as the symptoms appear, the menstrual cramps disappear as soon as the menstrual period ends, so that they return in a typical rhythm.

Lachesis, sepia and pulsatilla for menstrual pain There are so many homeopathic remedies that it is not possible to list all those that could be used for menstrual complaints. Three typical examples that have been found and tested according to the homeopathic similarity principle represent the following remedies that can be tried in the potencies D6 or D12.

Lachesis can help if there are headaches and migraines associated with dizziness and nosebleeds before menstruation. Also for low back pain and uterine cramps that subside after urination and bleeding. Tight clothing on the neck and stomach and heat are poorly tolerated, too little sleep leads to deterioration. The mood is irritable, the person affected feels pressured, jealous and resentful. Increased speech and restlessness are typical.

Is sepia the appropriate remedy, the symptoms start before the menstrual period and worsen again after the onset of the bleeding. There are headaches and uterine cramps, which go hand in hand with the feeling that the “uterus would fall out of the body”, which is often expressed in crossed legs. There is increased discharge and tension in the breasts. The aversion to sexual intercourse and loved ones is typical, the woman feels overworked, hypersensitive and is easily irritable. Cold exacerbates the symptoms, while warmth and the extremes of "violent movement" and "rest" improve.

Also Pulsatilla can be the right remedy if you have a headache before or during your menstrual period. While the breasts hurt, there is a pull in the uterus rather than real pain. The discharge in front of the menses is sometimes described as "biting", the bleeding is often delayed and sparse. The emphasis on emotions is particularly pronounced with a changeable mood. The victim feels slightly hurt, is tearful and looks depressed. Symptoms typically worsen in warm rooms and improve through fresh air, human attention and attention.

Other remedies that are often used for mentoring complaints are Nux vomica, Lycopodium, Calcium carbonicum, Chamomilla and Magnesium phosphoricum.

Visiting a homeopath or gynecologist As amazing as the healing success of self-treatment with homeopathic remedies can be at times, there are limits. If the complaints (especially the mental complaints) do not improve or do not improve permanently with homeopathic self-treatment, it is advisable to seek out a homeopathic naturopath who can determine and prescribe the constitutional remedy in profound potency. A specialist examination is recommended anyway, especially if the symptoms persist outside of menstruation, in the case of intermenstrual bleeding and very heavy menstrual cramps. (JVS, 09/25/2010)

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