Depression often leads to suicide in men

Depression often leads to suicide in men.

(23.08.2010) In Germany women suffer from depression much more often than men, but the suicide rate for men is around three times higher. Of the approximately 9,500 suicides in Germany each year, around 7,000 are committed by men.

This is the conclusion reached by the chief physician of the Clinic for Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics at Bayreuth District Hospital, Professor Manfred Wolfersdorf, in a recently published article in the "Apotheken Umschau". "The positive ability of women to complain about their symptoms is beyond men the 50 is mostly poorly developed, "continued Professor Wolfersdorf.

Men tend to see the doctor for physical suffering, even if the causes of their illness are of a mental nature. Headaches, abdominal pain or persistent fatigue are often the reason for a visit to the doctor. If the diagnosis is nevertheless depression, this is doubly problematic for many men, because on the one hand they suffer from the effects and on the other hand they are attached to the traditional image of the "strong man". Feelings do not fit into this classic understanding of roles and problems are primarily solved alone. This explains why many of you do not receive the necessary support in the treatment and the despair takes over. The result: an enormously high suicide rate among depressed men.

If men also have to pay for the family's income, depression is becoming increasingly common, especially in economically tense times. The professional pressure to perform with fear of failure, but also the fear of unemployment and financial worries release a kind of "permanent stress" which can lead to severe depression, especially for people with a genetic predisposition or mental stress (due to unprocessed events in their own life history).

The World Health Organization estimates that over a million people commit suicide each year and the German Society for Suicide Prevention names suicide as one of the leading causes of death in Germany. In around two thirds of cases, a depressive illness is the cause of the suicides.

Numerous symptoms are listed in the specialist literature for the early detection of a depressive illness, which can range from changes in facial expressions, gestures and voice to changing physical complaints, weight loss, conspicuous concentration disorders and chronic pain. Often accompanied by an extremely negative and pessimistic view of one's own life situation. B. articulates statements such as: "I will soon be tired of it!"

Here the fellow human beings are not only asked to register such changes but to patiently question them in an open conversation. The problems of those affected should definitely be taken seriously, even if the scenarios presented may seem a little too dramatic to the listener. In addition, professional support should always be consulted, although a little tact is required to convince those affected of the need for treatment. The cautious reference to existing concrete offers of help as well as the first contact to supporting institutions are approaches to help depressed people to overcome their illness. A great deal of information on depression and suicidality is also available on the Internet, including lists of regional self-help groups and emergency services. (fp)

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